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Kill’em With Kindness

Bear with me y’all..I wasn’t planning on making a new post this weekend and I’m a bit nervous about this one, but I feel like this is where I was called to write today.

Love in a world filled with hatred.  

Doesn’t matter WHO you are or WHERE you come from, YOU deserve to be loved.

While yes, we all have our own thoughts and opinions, we are all still in this crazy thing we call life TOGETHER.

People make mistakes and they do learn from them eventually and it is our job to show them mercy and forgiveness. It is in the times that are the toughest that we have the largest lessons to learn. You cannot force someone to change. They have to travel that road themselves. Your job is to be there at the end of the road to show them grace and forgiveness.  

“Hate” it’s a really strong word and honestly it’s a really misunderstood word. Think about it..what is the one thing that fuels hate’s fire in most cases? It’s a difference of opinion or thought. If you really dig deep into the meaning of hate you’ll see that it comes from passion. It’s so unfortunate that today society, as a collective, expresses this passion in such negative and fruitless ways. Acting out in aggression, bullying and saying ugly things get you nowhere. Sure you might think you accomplished something, but in the long run did you really change anything other than how someone views you as a person?  

Open communication drains hatred for all it’s worth. It exposes all the lies behind the hate. Instead of being told what or how someone thinks, why not actually discuss it with them and process what we are hearing? We all could use a little help in the “think before you speak” department, am I right?

There is a southern saying that comes to mind “kill’em with kindness,” there is a lot of truth in that saying because if all we continue to do is fight hate with hate, we have nothing to gain and everything to lose.      

With all this said, I will love each and every one of you with the compassion and understanding that EVERY human being deserves. That’s what we are supposed to do.

Love and be loved.  

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Y’all comeback now, ya hear?

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