Chin Up, Buttercup

We all have different stories about how we became broken in one way or another, but it’s through that brokenness that light will shine. Embrace and accept your brokenness because it has molded each of us to be who we are today. Nobody is meant to be perfect and guess what? That’s okay!

I’m too plain. My skin’s too oily. I’m so fat. My boobs are so small. I’m not pretty enough. I’m not smart enough. I’m not good enough. Y’all we need to QUITIT!! We have to stop with the comparing ourselves to the so-called “expectations.” It’s such a waste of our time.

Be you! Be confident! Be positive! Love yourself!

Stop believing the lies you are telling yourselves, you are only making them become valid! We have to discover the truth that the lie is trying to hide. What is driving you to come to these conclusions? What pushed you into this mood? These are the things you need to think about. You have to make the decision to turn the page and be happy and to jump at the opportunity to make a positive change for yourself.      

Personally, I fall victim to the debbie downer syndrome all too often. So.. I have a challenge for ALL of us! If and when you fall victim to the evil debbie downer and inevitably start thinking of all the things that are “wrong” with you, begin countering the “wrong” with two somethings you love about yourself!     

What are some other ways all y’all take on the debbie downer syndrome? Leave your solutions and ideas below!

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Y’all come back now, ya hear?

2 thoughts on “Chin Up, Buttercup

  1. Thanks Anne, I am sending your wise words to my grands. We have been saying replace the hurtful lies with the God’s truth. You are a beautiful and worthy child of God, awesome and wonderfully made. 😃

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