I Do Declare

We are living in a world ruled by technology, are we going to let the art of conversation die? The next time you are out to dinner do a little people watching and check out how many phones are out or just simply within reach. Is the table pretty quiet? In most cases the answer is “yes.” Now I will say that I am so incredibly guilty when it comes to this topic and this is exactly why I am writing about it. It’s time to take some action and try to break this terrible habit.  

Today, we rely heavily on our smartphones to create the conversation or to simply entertain us. Why is it important that we leave our phones on the table OR even have them out when the person or persons we should be communicating with are sitting right in front of us? We have this need to show the world what we are up to at all times and it is affecting how we interact with others on a daily bases. I remember the days when I could sit at a table with friends and just go to town talking about anything and everything, no cell phone necessary. Slowly as I became more reliant on my phone my conversations at the table have become quieter and quieter. Honestly, it’s kinda sad.

I am taking it onto myself to break this behavior and I want YOU to join me! The next time you are hanging out with your spouse, family, friends or anyone really put the phone away! In fact I am proposing we don’t even bring it out at all. Rediscover the art of conversation in a non-digital way! Sure it might be awkward at times, but it WILL get easier. I think we ALL will start to notice our relationships thrive in ways they haven’t in a long time.

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Y’all come back now, ya hear?         

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