Stop & Smell The Roses

Stop and smell the roses they say. It’s a saying each one of us would do well to embrace. Life is full of all kinds of little things that make the big moments even better. All too often we take for granted the experiences we are gifted with to opt for the express path.   

Yesterday was a pretty big day scientifically speaking. We had a solar eclipse pass over a large swath of the United States. I was lucky to live close enough to the path of totality that the short drive was worth it to witness this phenomenon live. I went with my brother and we got there about 3 hours ahead of when totality would occur. Since we didn’t have glasses of our own, just pinhole viewers, we had plenty of time to kill and the opportunity to take in everything that was going on around us.

It was beautiful, people simply just being brought together and talking about this wonderful experience we were all about to share. All around people would come in and out of the shadows passing around glasses to look up to see the progress the eclipse had made. At times it was quite humorous, but when you take a step back you have to admire the beauty of the situation. The simple joy on people’s faces, the sharing of glasses and people teaching others what to look for & what neat things that would happen as the eclipse continued. Everyone for a matter of hours forgetting the distractions in their lives to live in the moment and see this spectacular scientific phenomenon.

As the time of totality became near you could feel the overall vibe in the area just fill with excitement and awe. It became darker and darker and things became quieter as time passed. All of a sudden there was a collective gasp all around and I knew it was time. I looked up at one of the most incredible sights I have ever seen. The total solar eclipse. Looking away, I took time to glance around at my fellow eclipse viewers to see the awestruck expressions on their faces, no matter the age. For that brief two minute period nothing else mattered. We all were together to appreciate the amazing sight before us. Cheers erupted, people clapped and hugged. It was a scene of pure joy and giddiness all around.

In our “on demand” society it’s important that we continue to find the joy in the littlest of things.

The smallest or biggest events in life can be elevated to new heights if you simply take the time to stop and smell the roses. Don’t just have tunnel vision, truly embrace the experience and take in what is happening ALL around you! 

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Y’all come back now, ya hear?          

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