Brownie Skillet Delight

Today starts a new first for Life of Y’all! Recipe of The Week posts begin!  As you will learn soon enough, I love to cook and bake! Enjoy!

As per usual I was surfing through a few of my favorite sites/blogs and I came across a delicious looking recipe and decided to give it a try!


Brownies, M&M’s and Ice Cream OH MY! I mean who wouldn’t love that combination?! If you are like me you were sold when you saw M&M’s! (Next time I’m gonna try switching the M&M’s for Reese’s Pieces!)

The cast iron skillet bakes the brownie perfectly! The edges have a nice crunch while maintaining a soft and chewy center. The original recipe called for 1 cup of M&M’s total, using ¾ cup in the batter and the remaining ¼  to be added on top of the brownies at the ten minute remaining mark.


I was not a fan of the added M&M’s on top, all they did was crack open (See left). Below you will find my adapted recipe, I recommend just adding the FULL cup into the batter. Don’t worry if you add a few extra, it won’t hurt! 😉

The original recipe does call for a 10” skillet, but all I had on hand was a 9” and it worked just fine! It simply rose a little more in the middle.

This recipe is perfect for a Game Day it’s easy, somewhat quick and DEFINITLEY delicious!


Brownie Skillet Delight-Blog

Try it out and comment below with your thoughts, tips & tricks to take this recipe to the next level!

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Y’all come back now, ya hear?

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