Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake

The previous recipe of the week, Brownie Skillet Delight,  is a great Game Day dessert and for this week I am happy to bring you a main dish that is also perfect for Game Day! It’s a twist on a crowd pleasing party dip!

This Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake will give a nice kick to your tastebuds! It’s a quick & easy recipe for anybody to whip up in well under an hour! Not to mention it can easily be manipulated based on the size of your crowd!  

Pasta, cheese and ranch dressing are usually three ingredients that are almost always in our pantry and refrigerator. It makes it very easy to throw something together when hanger strikes.

Image shown is the Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake recipe cut in half.

For this super simple buffalo chicken pasta bake, I combined cream cheese (softened), Hidden Valley Ranch, and Frank’s original RedHot sauce in a mixing bowl to create an ooey gooey base for the chicken and penne pasta. I typically end up using canned chicken for this recipe because it’s easy to toss into a skillet for it to be lightly seasoned and quickly shredded. I have tried this recipe with my favorite whole grain pasta and it’s just as tasty! I always like to serve a nice salad in addition to this pasta dish just to have something light to start with and to help with getting your daily veggie intake!   

My husband said this pasta tasted just like the dip, only heartier! Gotta love a casserole dish full of cheesy pasta goodness that everyone will love!! This recipe is sure to have everyone fighting over the first scoop at your next Game Day party or simply at family dinner night!

Take a bite into this recipe and leave your comments below on how it turned out for you!  

Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake- Blog.png

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Y’all come back now, ya hear?

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