Have Courage & Be Kind

Today we have become so concerned with how we are perceived that it’s clouded our judgment. The grey area between what’s good and bad has become blurred and in some cases inverted. Now the point of this post is not to target any individual hot topic. It is to bring awareness to the fact that we have stopped standing up for what we believe is good and what we know is wrong.

We have fallen onto a path of blindness. We keep our heads down instead of speaking up for what we know is true. In some cases it’s because we are worried about relationships that might be jeopardized if we speak up. Very often with touchy subjects there is a fine line to walk on with how to approach a hot topic. In many cases the line is crossed and instead of speaking with truth and kindness, shame is brought into the conversation and takes over. Shame is a TERRIBLE thing to put on someone and nobody should ever shame someone, it’s a truly insidious and destructive feeling.

From a definition perspective, shame is different from guilt, humiliation and embarrassment. For simplicity’s sake, the feeling of guilt is “I did something bad,” and the feeling of shame is “I am something bad.” The effect these two emotions have on someone’s life are drastically different. Guilt typically leads people to want to reach out & connect with others in order to repair damaged relationships. While the effect shame has on someone, typically, has the opposite reaction that guilt incites. Shame makes people disconnect and pull away from relationships by withdrawing, hiding and in some cases lashing out. It makes me very uneasy with how common and accepted shaming has become in our world today.   

If you are like me you’ve been told many times to just let it go so that you “don’t rock the boat,” but my question to all of you is this: Are we TRULY “rocking the boat” when the boat broke from it’s mooring long ago and has been drifting in a turbulent ocean ever since?

I challenge all of you to find the courage to stand up for the what’s right & wrong, and to speak truth with the kindness every human deserves.

When you are speaking the truth there is NO shame involved.

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Y’all come back now, ya hear?          

2 thoughts on “Have Courage & Be Kind

  1. Hi Annie, love the article. Responding in kindness is life giving rather than reacting in judgement, criticism, condemnation and shame which can be alienating. You are a great communicator. Love and prayers, Marie


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